Karl-Marx-Straße 101

Berlin-Neukölln 40,000 sqm Food Market, Retail, Büro, Eventspace, Urban Garden

Tieckstraße 18

Berlin-Mitte10.000 sqm residential and commercial space

Schloss Arendsee

Uckermark5,000 sqm hotel and event area

Apartment 59

Berlin-West700 sqm living and terrace space


Berlin-Neukölln 15,000 sqm event space

Teilestraße 29

Berlin-Tempelhof30,000 sqm commercial space

Wilmersdorfer Strasse 59

Berlin-Charlottenburg5,000 sqm residential and commercial space

Tegel Quartier

Berlin-Tegel80,000 sqm retail, market hall, office

Wilmersdorfer Straße 60

Berlin-Charlottenburg6,000 sqm office and retail space


Berlin-Charlottenburg36,000 sqm residential, commercial

Ludwig Hoffmann Quartier

Berlin-Buch26,000 sqm living space

Berlin Campus

Berlin-Rummelsburg17,000 sqm living space


About us

MREI develops commercial and residential property projects with a focus on retail space complemented by office and living space. This includes both new-build projects and the renovation of ageing property and sites protected by listed building status. MREI covers all the development phases, from the acquisition and commercialisation, to the construction and administration of the property. We develop both real estate projects that have a clear exit strategy and projects for private portfolios.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to set new standards and provide fresh inspiration through high-quality architecture. Our aim is to create real estate plans that are appropriate for each respective location and that fit the new context in a timeless yet powerful way. Sustainability, the environment and social responsibility are just as important to us as quality, efficiency and profitability.

Our vision

We aspire to shape whole areas in a sustainable way with our projects and to inspire other investors to invest in the same way. In partnership with the government and the local population, we set the course for the renovation of neglected sites. Through intensive dialogue and drawing on the expertise of professionals, the interests of the authorities, occupiers and investors are acknowledged and taken into consideration. Along with the urban policy dimension another key focus is providing satisfaction and sustained value for tenants and buyers.

Core competencies

Independent company
Strongly innovative development concepts
Werthaltige und renditestarke Immobilienprojekte
Langjährige Finanzierungsstärke
Hohe fachliche Expertise
Langjährige Marktpräsenz
Vertrauensvolle Beziehungen zu Wirtschaft und Verwaltung
Professionelles Management
Qualitative, zeit- und kosteneffiziente Bauabwicklung
Langfristige Immobilienbetreuung


A company is only as good as its employees. With its excellent team the MREI group carries out its day-to-day work skilfully and effectively.

However, we refuse to rest on those laurels – we want to expand our team. At present the following permanent positions are open at the MREI group: